I started setting up Oraklu with Ckejken and although using WordPress for this is not what I actually want to do it helped getting everything up and running. I must say that switching mindsets and thinking about reducing WordPress’ functionality rather than increasing it was interesting and I might look into it further.

After taking part in Genuary 2023 I started thinking how on how to compile the various tools/functions used and compile them in one library and Pyrite was born.

While setting it up, I have been thinking about what it could become and the following projects came out of it:

The ‘virtual computer’ is especially interesting as although being the more complex all others projects could be easily built specifically for this computer.

This has lead me down to a rabbit hole exploring the ZX Spectrum, the Zilog Z80 and it’s instructions, emulating CPUs and building your own.

A few very helpful YouTube channels I found have been:

Somehow unexpectedly archive.org has a lot of old books on the above subjects too.